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The Lohr Farm

How we started

Sky Valley Bees is owned and operated by Karen Lohr in Swanton MD. Sky Valley Bees is located on a 127 acre farm on Deep Creek Lake. The family farm is a third generation farm. My grandfather Fred Lohr lived here his entire adult life, where my father Lewis Lohr was born and raised, My dad and his brothers farmed this land  raising beef, chickens pigs and sheep. They farmed corn crops and sold fresh corn along the roadside to lake visitors and residents for many years before roadside stands were popular. My father later specialized in green beans and  raising acres of beans that would be hand picked and sold.
​I grew up living on the farm, and farm life has been my life!. Sky Valley Bees started in 2012, after a hobby became a business. I first became interseted in beekeeping when I had went to an auction and seen beekeeping equipment up for sale. I thought to myself  "I'd love to be a beekeeper someday" Then it made me question, "why not now?" So, that winter I bought books on beekeeping studied and learned all I could.  When spring came, I got my first hive!  I spent the first year learning from the bees and learning on how to take care of them. Now, Sky Valley Bees has gone from 1 hive to 8-10 hives at any given time!

From there, Sky Valley Bees grew into a business of learning how to use the harvest of the hive to make quality products. I then wanted to make lip balms and lotions with my beeswax, and learned how to make honey soap. Through my soapmaking I learned about the natural benefits of goats milk in soaps, and bath products. Our line grew from 1-2 scents to over 15 at any given time. We rotate are scents in and out for each season, with a few that we carry year round.


Sky Valley Bees operates a garden produce stand in the summer to locals and tourist in the area, based on the honor system.   Sky Valley Bees can be found demonstrating and selling products at local events and festivals in the surrounding areas. Our Products are now being carried in local business. Check out the list of local retailers carrying the line of Sky Valley Bees products under the news page.

Thank You to our customers for supporting our farm and our business!

God Bless, Karen Lohr


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