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Sky Valley Bees and The Lohr Farm .

Life on the Sky Valley Bees farm! View pictures of our farm, products, honey bee hives, and craft shows

Here you can find pictures of the Lohr Farm, see pictures of the honey bee hives. You will notice there is a hive called Lucy's Bees, this hive is for my father who wanted a hive of his own but passed away before I could get him one in the spring. My loving nickname for him was Lucy. His first name was Lewis and middle initial of C therefore, creating Lou-C.


Experience life on the farm and see the heart of Sky Valley Bees with our photo gallery!
sky valley bees dog shampoo.
Minnie after.jpg
Sky Valley bees Cherry lip Balm
autumn glory.jpg
springs PA.jpg

Sky VAlley Autumn Glory booth on the cove rof the Weekender

Karen Lohr at the hive
Queen cage installed on a frame
Queen bee in a cage
Package of hney bees

Honey Bees being installed into a hive. This is how honey bees come when buying them

installing a package

Honey bees after being shacked into a hive

Karen Lohr with a box of packaged honey bees.


The queen cage, with a couple of bees looking at her from the outside. She is the dark bee on the inside

Fall on the farm
storm 2016.jpg
Dad watching
lotion bars
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