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Sky Valley Bees will be a vendor at the Outdoor Show

March 22 and 23 2014 Sky Valley will be a participating vendor at the 2nd annual Outdoor Show at the Garrett County fairgrounds at Deep Creek Lake MD, Sky Valley Bees will be debuting a new Hunters soap made from goats milk, an scented with natural anise essential oil. Hunters bath with the hunters soap before heading out to the woods. Sky Valley Bees hunters goats milk soap removes the natural human scent and aids in the hunting experience giving the hunter an edge. Anise essential oil is a naturla earth scent and smells like the woods allowing for the human scent to be hidden.

Sky Valley Bees is excited to introduce a line of soap for men made from goats milk soap. Our line is "Moutain Made" we will be offering new soaps in the scents of Moutnain Energy, Mountain Blue, and Moutain Spring. All of our soaps are made with goats milk soaps and are gentle on the skin.

At the Outdoor show at the Sky Valley Bees vendor booth we will be having a slide show of the Sky Valley Bees farm, the Sky Valley honey bees, and pictures of the hives themselves, giving a inside look of what happens in a honey bees hive. We will also have available our Beeswax lotion bars. The bees wax lotion bar are a heavy duty lotion. The bees wax provides a protective layer on the skin, protecting from the harsh elements, all the while allowing your skin to breath which is needed for you skin to heal. Sky Valley Bees lotion abrs are prefect for people who wash their hands a lot, men who work out in the elements. Have chapped cuticles or rough feet? Sky Valley Bees lotion bars are excellent for that.

Sky Valley Bees beeswax lip balms are perfect for dry cracked lips. Our beeswax lip balms go on smoothly and gentle. So don't forget to come visit us this weekend to get your bath and body needs for the great outdoors!

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