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2014 Package Bees arrived!

Today Sky Valley Bees traveled to Auroa Wv to pick up three packaged honey bees and three queens that travled here today from Georgia. The bees arrived caged in a ventilated box. The bees are shaken into the hive and a Queen Bee who is in a queen cage is added, The queen isn't released immediately because the bees will see her as being a threat and will kill her. They need to get used to her and over a few days the bees will eat through the cage and relaese their new queen. This will give them enough time to get used to her. They have a lot of work ahead of them. They need to get their queen relaesed so she can start laying eggs to build up the colony. They need to get started building honeycomb for the queen to lay eggs in. The comb is also used for food storage. They need to get busy on the dandelions and soon to be blooming trees collecting nectar to make for the winter honey supply ( their food supply) as well as pollen, used as protein to feed baby bees. Summer is coming and the land is awakening again. Lots of work to be done on the farm by bees and beekeeper!

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