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Honey bees and the pear tree.

Spring is in full bloom at the Sky Valley Bees farm. The old pear tree that is over 70 years old is in full bloomand the bees are loving it! Gentle cool spring breeze in the air with the gentle buzz of the bees. So many bees are in the trees that when you come near the tree it sound like a honey bee hive! People often ask, " where does your honey come from", well here is one of many nectar sources on our farm that the bees use to make honey. Also in bloom now is the plum tree. Apple and lilac are soon to follow. Lots of dandelions and small mint leaves. Signs of hope an new birth on the farm. We have so far 4 new baby cows born in the last 2 weeks. Gardening is getting started soon. We recently built 11 new raised garden beds !

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