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The Lucy Hive

8th day of March and it warmed up nicely today. Enough so that the bees decided to come out and fly today. They don't waste time. They are already bringing pollen back to the hive. Nothing really blooming as everything is still cold and partly frozen,but if something g is available they can find it. Skunk cabbage down in the wetlands is growing already and is one of the first food sources for wintered bees. We took two hives into winter and have been blessed to come through winter with both hives. Winter in Garrett County Md can be hard on honey bees, but we do all we can to keep them strong and help them any way we can. My sister Dawn and I went to the hives today and added what is called mite strips to the hives. The strips is medicated to kill the mites that feed on the back of the honey bee, weakening them and wreaking the hive to were the hive dies. We also added a hive feeder to the top and placed sugar water to help feed them. They are going to be hungry after all of the working of bringing in pollen. There is not enough food sources available to sustain them. They are low on winter honey they stored away for winter. We feed them so they dont starve until a nectar flow happens later in the spring. Honey bees always amaze me how they take advantage of every opportunity. The first warm day and they are out looking for pollen. Welcome spring! The cycle of life on the farm continues. Soon baby bees will be hatched and the worker bees will once again begin to make honey!

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Karen Lohr
Karen Lohr
Mar 08, 2020

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