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Welcome to our new website!

Sky Valley Bees is continuing to grow and now, we have our own website! This has been a journey to get to this point but it has been long needed. Our website is going to make it easier for our customers to shop our products at any time and place orders with ease. We will still maintain our facebook store, but this is a more extensive way to purchase our many different scents of goats milk soaps.

Our bees wax lip balms and beex wax lotions are available and photos are included on this site to allow guests the opportunity to see the farm and the bee hives that their soaps and lotions are created from.

I am also wanting to include educational information about honey bees, and the benefits of using natural bees wax products, and goats milk soaps. We will also continue to grow our product line with our goats milk bath teas, and the creation of pet soaps and shampoos, that will be coming soon!

There will be video visits to the hive for an opportunity to see safely into a hive and learn what is going on in the hive! Thank You for helping our company grow. Sky Valley Bees looks forward to being the provider to all your skin care needs.

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