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Sky Valley Bees Lotion bars


Lotion Bars are created from beeswax, coconut oil, and almond oil. We add a small amount of essential oil to create a mild scent. Our lotion bars come in Lavender, Orange, and Vanilla essential oil. Lotion bars a heavy duty lotion that looks like a bar of soap. To use the lotion bar is removed from the can and skimmed across the skin in the desired location. Once getting a light coating, the applied lotion is then massaged into the skin. The coconut oil and almond oil quickly is taken in by the skin. The beeswax provides a protective barrier on the skin, protecting your skin form harsh elements of the weather and drying out from water. The good aspect of beeswax in beauty products is it protects the skin, but allows the skin to breathe, which in turn allows the skin the opportunity to heal. Our skin has to be able to breathe to heal. With beeswax it is resistant to water and doesn't wash off easy, and holds up well. Sky Valley Bees lotion bars work well with different skin problems. We have seen our customers with exzema and psorasis very happy with our lotion bars. Our customers have told us they like our lotion bars on mild burns for soothing. Since we use essential oils, they are gentle on sensitive skin. Our lotion bars only contain natural ingredients.

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