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Minnie, the before and after photo's

This is my little girl Minnie. She is believed to be part Springer Spaniel and Beagle. Yes, that is quite the combination, as she is full of life! Minnie loves water and any opportunity that brings that chance is welcomed by her. The before photo is of her when she went for a muddy swim. In the summer this can be a nightly event! She loves baths and would stay in all night if I left her.

The after photo is of her after a bath with Sky Valley Bees Goats Milk dog Shampoo. I make the shampoo with goats milk, lavender essential oil and has a coconut oil . The coconut oil is nourishing to her coat and does not dry her out. Lavender Oil helps relax them the same as it does for us. Lavender can help with itching, and fleas do not like the smell of lavender.

Minnie gets numerous baths and her white fur is always white and soft. My favorite thing is there is no wet dog smell after the bath. You will like the pleasant clean smell they will have! You can shop on our page for the goat milk dog shampoo, and we will have available at all shows.

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