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Dry cracked hands from hand sanitizer? Try our lotion bars!

With the pandemic Of COVID 19 happening in our world presently it is more important now than ever to use good hand hygiene to protect ourselves and others. Hand sanitizer is being used as it should be. But, often is avoided due to it drying and cracking out of the hands. Please use hand sanitizer regularly along with your frequent hand washing to help protect yourself and others. We offer a beeswax lotion bar that can also help protect your skin from drying out from the hand sanitizer and hand washing. A lotion bar is a heavy duty working lotion that is in a solid. We created our lotion bar to not be greasy. Sky Valley Bees lotion bar is made from beeswax, coconut oil and almond oil. The beeswax seals your skin from the harsh elements that do damage. Beeswax is good for your skin because your skin can still breath through the beeswax to allow it to heal while giving that protective barrie. The coconut oil and almond oil nature’s your skin. Both are very good for your skin. We add essential oil for a mild enjoyable scent.

We make lotion bars as we believe this is the most effective form of using a lotion. liquid lotions contain water which evaporate. To use a lotion bar just remove the bar from the tin and rub bar across the skin. After applying a base layer massage into your skin until absorbed. Apply again as needed. We recommend using daily to keep your skin moisturized. lotion bars are good for cracked dry hands. Massage in around your cuticles. Apply to your feet before bed with socks on. lotion Bars work nicely on arms and legs. Avoid the eye area. If you have never tried a lotion bar I suggest you give it a try. You will not be disappointed! We have orange, vanilla and lavender essential oil lotion bars available.

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